August 25, 2018 Juan 0Comment

The life of an outdoorsman is a great life indeed, the more breaks a person takes from the monotony of the city life where everything’s about working and pleasing others and head towards nature, the happier that person will be in life. However, there’s a distinction between going on an outdoors adventure and being lost in the wilderness and that distinction is made by how prepared the outdoorsman is before he heads out to hike.

It’s like this, if you’re in the middle of a wilderness without supplies or any sense of direction, you’re obviously lost and potentially in great danger. However, if you’re in the same spot with a map and outdoor gear, you’re in control and can sustain yourself in any situation. Don’t be that guy who heads out into the woods with nothing in hand but a cell phone that will lose reception soon.

If you’re planning an outdoors escapade, you need to be geared up and ready to survive, even if you’re going with a group of people who already know the ropes. You’ll need to make sure that you can treat your injuries, in case you get injured, have a supply of food and water, be wearing the appropriate hiking gear and have a good hiking knife at hand. Why the knife? Well, in your kitchen a knife is just a tool for preparing your ingredients but out there it’s your constant companion.

You’ll need your knife to cut wood, food and if it comes to it, you might need it to defend yourself against man or animal. At the knifegeeky blog, you can read all about what makes a good outdoors knife and which knife would be a good match for you.