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To have a truly comfortable and enjoyable wet shave, you need to have the proper equipment to enjoy your shave. The right equipment means having the right type of safety razor blade to get a smooth shave. Without the right type of safety razor blade, your shave will be uncomfortable, imperfect, and quite unenjoyable. Getting the right type of shave needs you to have a razor that is suited to your face, is suited to your hands, and will also give you the close shave that you want. A razor that is not suited to your liking is very likely not going to make you want to get another wet shave done any time soon. So for the new comers to the wet shave world, here are a few pointers on what you can do to make sure you get the right razor. To get good razor reviews, go to

First of all, do not go overboard with the budget unnecessarily. You will find great double edged safety razors from anywhere between 20 dollars to 200 dollars. The price does not necessarily mean good or bad. It really depends on what works for you. Do get a good quality safety razor, but don’t throw unnecessary money around as a 40 to 50 dollar razor will work as well. This is also a good way to make sure that a lot of money is not lost is wet shaving turns out not to be your thing or if you feel like a different style of a safety razor is better suited to you. Another thing you should check is the razor handle. No one will ever tell you to check this but it is important that the handle fits well in your hand, is not too short or long, or too thick or too thin for you.