November 23, 2018 Juan 0Comment

Each and every single one of us knows what we have to do to take care of our teeth. We know that we have to brush them every single day, preferably after each meal, and we know we have to floss them, avoid eating sweet things before bed and so on. However, some of us tend to become lazy when it comes to following all of these steps, or some of us are just unlucky and end up with a genetic tendency to have unhealthy teeth and so on. If you happen to be loosely following these steps and have been avoiding going to a dentist, this is a great sign for you to look up a dentist near me, and book an appointment today.

The first sign that your tooth is beginning to go bad is when you develop a cavity, and once you end up neglecting that, you can end up with tooth decay, and this is a really serious matter since severe cases of tooth decay can actually end up affecting surrounding gums and even your bone. This is where a dentist will try to save your tooth by opting for a root canal in order to get rid of all infected areas and still try to salvage the tooth, because removing the tooth is not something that should be done immediately.

However, once your dentist sees no improvement, and things only seem to be growing worse, they will have to opt for a tooth extraction. Like the name suggests, they will remove your tooth themselves. Tooth extractions are done so that the damaged tooth does not affect other surrounding teeth, tissues or bone. Once you have gotten your tooth extracted and it has healed, your dentist will probably push you towards getting dental implants in order to fill up the area.