December 16, 2018 Juan 0Comment

After hearing all those advantages, are you considering Kayak fishing? Well don’t worry I’ve got some fishing tips to make your experience easy

  1. Food: It’s going to take some time to catch fish especially if it’s your first time, so don’t think about cooking and eating the fish you catch cause you might start to feel a little dizzy in the water and believe me you don’t want to faint mainly if you’re alone. So don’t forget to bring your food to keep you going on fishing journey.
  2. Proper clothing: In warm weather, wear loose clothes from which air can pass in and put easily so the heat doesn’t get to you. In winter, cover yourself, but don’t overdo it. Make sure you’re hands and feet are covered nicely because you don’t want to freeze and give up on you. Wearing wool jackets and coats are probably the best option.
  3. Safety: Remember that water can be dangerous, I’m not trying to scare you but it’s a fact, not only fish is present in water but other dangerous animals like snakes are too and I don’t want you getting bit by a snake or some creepy other insect. So being aware of your surroundings is very important.
  4. Weather: Always have some where about of the weather, summer is the best season to fish but try to avoid fishing at night in summer because the mosquitoes will drink up half of your blood or worse, they can transform some kind of virus in your body like Malaria. In spring, its best to fish around dusk.

Now that you have all the basic information you need for Kayak fishing, feel free to develop a new hobby of Kayak fishing and enjoy the beauty of rivers, lakes and oceans around the world. For the people who love water and the beauty of it, I can guarantee that Kayak Fishing is going to be your favorite hobby.