July 3, 2018 Juan 0Comment

Cell phones are practical in the sense that no matter where we are, we can always stay in contact with others and they’re more widespread now than ever before. The mere convenience that they provide wherever one is practically unmatched and now that they can connect to online services, it’s completely possible to stay in contact with other people for absolutely free. Sending messages and making calls over the internet is done both through our mobile phones and through computers like desktops and laptops. There is however a certain area that these incredibly convenient electronic devices may have met their match.

We all know that when we’re going out onto the roads, we drive out of range of any wifi signals and out of the coverage that a cell tower can provide. Without that coverage, we get no signals and hence are completely without any means of communication, but that’s only if we’re entirely dependant on this new technology. One thing that can still make contact over long ranges and is not limited to the vicinity of a nearby tower is a good ol’ powerful CB radio. These radios have a dedicated frequency which spans over 40 channels.

And the best thing is, almost every truck driver and truck stop make use of them to stay in contact with one another. Both for the social aspect, you’re pretty likely to find a bored trucker willing to make small talk to kill time, but also to stay up to date with the road ahead. It’s common for people to share information of any complications other drivers can be expected to find out including forecasts of the weather and knowing what’s coming ahead will better help you prepare for it. These old and somewhat outdated electronics still have a lot to give.