December 29, 2018 Juan 0Comment

AS homeowners, we do not want our house to be damaged or affected by anything, and out of the many forms of damage that can potentially affect your house, water damage is fairly common. Water damage, like the name suggests, is when your house’s contents and structure is affected by water, and this can happen through a flood, heavy rains, and more commonly a burst or leaking pipe. A burst/leaking pipe can be pretty serious since it takes a while before you detect it, and you have detected it, it is strongly recommended that you call in professional restorers, and you can easily find a website or more that contains their contact information.

  • Once you call in professionals that offer emergency water damage restoration services, a team will arrive at your home, and they will first of all try to identify the source of the damage. So, they will try to find the burst/leaking pipe.
  • They will then figure out the reason behind the burst/leaking or flooding. This will usually lead them to turn off the water supply in your home so as to prevent any further damage.
  • Then comes the assessment of the home in order to really gauge the extent of the damage. This includes checking the floors, the furniture, cabinets and so on. They will further move these cabinets away so that they can start the drying procedure.
  • In case there happens to be water floating in your house, they will pump all the water out to make sure that there is no excessive water.
  • Once the excess water has been removed, and all removable items have been taken out, the next step of damage restoration is to dry your home. They will use techniques and tools to draw out all moisture so that there is no possible room for any fungal growth in your home.