November 14, 2018 Juan 0Comment

When we talk about a hybrid mattress that was done well and made in a way that gives the customer all they could want from a bed, we have to think of the Ojai hybrid mattress model by Brentwood as one of the best available options. This great 12 inch mattress incorporates layers of latex, of memory foam and gel, and also has a spring loaded layer, so that it manages to get a good balance between the soft, comforting, firm, and sturdy characteristics of a bed. This bed is great for people who feel that beds are either too soft or too firm for them. A lot of mattresses cater to people who are on either end of the comfort spectrum, but this one is a middle experience that a great number of people will find to be refreshing.

Providing just an inkling of a sink in the bed, just enough for the bed to familiarize itself with how you prefer to sleep, without you needing to fall down to the middle of the bed and bottoming out. However, it is not so firm that you feel like your body cannot merge in to the bed even slightly. This brings out a good pressure release feel from the bed that helps give a lot of back support for people sleeping on the bed.  The middle part of the bed is a coiled system that helps bring a lot of support to the person sleeping on top.  The spring helps keep the feeling of the bed consistent through the entire mattress and helps you feel comfortable in any position. Finally the layering that the hybrid brings around to the mattress helps keep it cool. You can look for deals  with the Brentwood home coupon.