April 11, 2018 Juan

Self-help or self-development is a process of financially, physically, or even mentally helping yourself in a way that you end up becoming a better version of yourself. I am sure you have heard “god helps those who helps themselves” time and again. Keeping that in mind, if you are troubled because of one reason or another, you can actually start the self-help process and go far in your progress.

Jay Depoy has actually talked about self-help a lot of times, and in this article, discusses the reasons you should start self-help. Mainly because people need to understand that they do have the power of helping themselves in a way that they did not think was possible. So, if you are also a firm believer of this, let’s have a look.

You Are Under Stress

If you happen to find yourself under stress or pressure and you feel like you want to start self-help just so you can start improving yourself, then going for self-help is actually a great idea, and I can guarantee you that it will surely work. As a matter of fact, you can actually go ahead and ask someone to guide you on this journey if you have speck of doubt or anything like that.

You Know Things Are Not Right

If you acknowledge that things in your life are not right, and you want to start making them better, then you can go ahead and start a self-help journey, because in that case, it is something that is surely going to work. Sure, you might not get it in the first place, but I can assure you that once the journey does start, things will definitely start getting better, so it is something that you must keep in mind  whenever you are thinking about self-help.

April 10, 2018 Juan

Buying a smart thermostat for yourself is probably one of the easiest things you can do. Seriously, all you need to do is find the right thermostat that you are looking for, read some reviews on it, and buy it. This is how simple it gets; sadly, many people who have no experience, or who are buying it for the first time end up making mistakes when buying a thermostat.

If you are looking for information on thermostat and climate change, then head over to http://www.thermostastic.com/smart-thermostat-vs-climate-change/ and get all the information you want. As far as this article is concerned, I am just going to look at some of the mistakes that you should avoid whenever you are in the market looking for a smart thermostat.

Not Doing The Homework

I get it, you are an adult and you are about to buy something only an adult would buy; still, if you do not have any proper knowledge about what you are getting, it is better to just get all the information on that specific product first, and then go ahead with the purchase. If you do go into the market without having any proper knowledge, you might end up with a product that is not even according to your specs. So, keep that in mind.

Buying The Wrong Thermostat

Generally speaking, there is no right or wrong type of thermostat in the market, but there are times when you end up buying the wrong thermostat, and it never is the right thing because you will just be losing your money. So, make sure that you buy the right thermostat, and in case you do not know how to make that decision, just do the research and you would be good to go.

April 8, 2018 Juan

Photography is all about trying to capture the beauty in anything that you see, we all experience life in our own unique way, and photography gives us the opportunity to share our perspective with other people. Over the years, there have been many innovative and highly creative photographers who have developed entire genres of photography that we pretty much try to copy to this day, but if you think about it, when these photographic geniuses picked up a camera for the first time, did they really know what they were doing?

The answer to that is no, of course they did not know what they were doing, they followed their instincts and tried immortalizing their visual perspective. In doing so, they created their own style that people ended up adopting.

Basically, if you are trying to become a unique photographer then you do not have to follow the beaten path, instead, do what feels right to you and carve your own place in the long list of photography genres. There are tons of photographers out there who have developed their own unique ways of using the camera over the years and have ended up attracting a lot of positive attention.

While this might sound easy, developing your own niche and then having it grow is not an easy thing to do, many people will question you along the way, this can be discouraging but you should not let other peoples’ opinions get the best of you. Keep in mind that with experimentation comes failure, often more times than success, but when you do get that rare taste of success it can make all your efforts incredibly worth it.

There are a number of ways in which one can promote their style and have it appeal to people; once you become confident enough about your work then you can start your own blog to attract people who like your work. Blogging can be a very powerful promotional tool that not only lets you present your work to people, but also gives you the opportunity to catch the eye of influential people in the photography industry or (if you are lucky enough) land a sponsorship with some photography related company.

Once you have managed to establish your style and make it mainstream enough, you can happily call yourself an entrepreneur and start then start focusing on how you can grow your style and improve it.

A few additional things that can help you promote your style is to conduct surveys, figure out whether you are the first person to try this, if there is competition then how strong is it and in what form? Successfully identifying gaps and unfulfilled needs in the market can really give you a boost and make promoting yourself easier.

The last thing to keep in mind is that in order to make an impact, you need to be able to speak to your audience through your work, so be brave, be bold and think outside of the box.

April 8, 2018 Juan

Lately there has been an increase in Chinese brands popping up in all kinds of industries and providing people with rather impressive products, Laowa is one such company. A fairly recent player in the camera lens industry, Laowa has managed to make a name for itself with the introduction of its 12mm f/2.8 wide angle lens. Today, we are going to be taking a look at this company’s 15mm f/2 lens that they have produced with Sony’s E-mount kept in mind, this compact, fast and incredibly smooth lens has a lot to offer that makes the lens really impressive.

Looks wise, the Laowa 15mm seems quite small due to the fact that it is designed specifically for the Sony E-mount and that it is a purely manual lens without any circuitry in it. One of the most impressive things about its body is the fact that the lens completely metal, this gives it a very nice weighty feel and also ups the lens durability. Anyone who is into vintage looking cameras will immediately fall in love with this lens since it gives a very old fashioned cinema camera feel to any camera that it gets attached to.

Aesthetics aside, the lens also has a number of thoughtful markings on it, its focus ring is also quite smooth and satisfying to use, and the smoothness of the ring will also allow the camera to perform as a decent videography lens. Its 72mm front comes with a detachable hood that can be swapped with various filters quite easily, Laowa’s 15mm is designed to be filter friendly, which is a handy feature for those of you who like to a play around with their camera a lot.

A great thing about this camera is its spot on manual focus, the smoothness of the ring makes carrying out even the minutest tweaks feel like a breeze, the lens also manages to provide decent focusing ability in darker areas. The 15mm offers very nice sharpness as well, every area of pictures manages to remain clear and defined, and the lens manages to deliver the “zero distortion” that Laowa has advertised about their lens.

Along with superb sharpness, this lens also manages to deliver very smooth and dreamy bokeh shots, which look even more fascinating when shot from as close as 15cm from the subject (the lens’ minimum subject distance).

Overall, Laowa’s 15mm f/2 lens comes in a small yet sturdy package that delivers surprisingly good performance, a great manual focus experience and the ability to accept filters quite easily, all at a very decent price. If you are someone who can get over the fact that this lens has no electronics in it, then you should definitely give it a go.

April 8, 2018 Juan

Bolivia is a place that has a lot to offer, all of which is unique and bound to leave you feeling amazed and dazed, Bolivia is also known as the place where everything is possible but nothing is for certain. This country has many sides to it, some good and some bad, all of which are worth exploring. Its capital city, La Paz is the highest capital city in the world at 12,000 feet! It is populated by more than a million people and has a lot of gorgeous sights to offer.

La Paz is also home to the highest Olympic Stadium in the world that has unfortunately not seen use for a while since it is simply way too high up. One of the more interesting places to explore in La Paz is the local witches market where one can find all kinds of ceremonial items to buy. Bolivia’s indigenous beliefs include making sacrificial offerings to various spirits and other entities.

Just like with any other exotic place; if you want to make the most out of your trip you really need to hire a knowledgeable guide who can provide you with insights on the history and culture of the area. Bolivia has a very interesting past to it, such as the fact that the very first settlement that was established on La Paz’s ground was as old as 600BC, another interesting thing to note about Bolivia is that farmers over there prefer Quinoa over potatoes since it has far greater value in the market.

Bolivia is definitely a unique country, one that will leave one with memorable experiences and incredibly beautiful sights, making it a superb place to visit for photographers. The streets, cities and mountains of Bolivia are bound to provide you with great shots, not to forget the Alpaca’s that can be found everywhere in Bolivia. Overall, anyone making a trip to Bolivia should definitely carry a camera with them and be ready to capture all kinds of unique and wonderful moments.