November 25, 2018 Juan 0Comment

There are incidences where we can end up suffering from serious injuries or damage because of the negligence on someone else’s part. Thankfully, you do not have to just bear it, in fact, you can actually take legal actions against the individual or the organization that caused you to suffer from damage or injury, and that is by filing a personal injury claim. A personal injury claim will hold the other person responsible and have them cover your damage costs.

Now, you can directly choose to handle your case formally by taking it to court, or you can avoid that by handling it informally and settling with the other party. There are a number of factors you should consider when choosing which route to take, like whether the party refuses to acknowledge their mistake, or they are not agreeing to settle, and so on. If this happens to be the case, then you should take the case to court.

However, most people want to settle their case without having to take it to court because you will then have to deal with a long trial, a hefty bill from your lawyer and so on. So, your first option should always be to settle. It is strongly recommended to have a lawyer represent you during a settlement because they will negotiate for you. Costa Ivone, LLC has a number of lawyers that have successful settlement rates.

Once you are negotiating an amount with the offending party, you have agreed that you will not pursue the claim any further. You will also need to compromise a little, however, once you have reached an amount both parties can agree on, then you can get your money and be satisfied that you at least got some sort of justice or compensation for whatever happened to you.