January 21, 2019 Juan 0Comment

If you have not attended a concert yet and are waiting for a certain artist to tour in your city, then stop. You are potentially missing out on a lot of great experiences all because you are waiting for just one particular artist. So, what you should do instead is check out what concerts in Michigan are happening in the next 2 weeks, get tickets for whichever artist appeals to you, and then go attend that concert.

Now, you will find yourself feeling both excited and a little nervous attending your first concert, and that is normal. You just want to make sure that you are prepared and ready so that you are able to fully enjoy the experience without any hiccups.

First of all, comfort before anything else. If you are considering wearing heels or really uncomfortable clothes for a 3-6 hour concert, you will end up getting tired and cranky really early on. So, wear comfortable shoes, and clothes that will keep you relaxed. This is a common mistake made by concert goers, but remember to prioritize comfort before everything else.

Find out whether or not the venue allows you to carry water inside. In case it does not, get a water bottle from inside the venue because concerts can get a little stuffy and if you are jumping around, you will end up exhausting yourself. So make sure to have water with you.

You also want to make sure that you have a proper means of getting back home. Concerts usually end late at night so you should have a fixed way of getting back home or else it can be risky. Lastly, make sure to have fun during the entire process because your first concert is a pretty important event and sets the precedent of whether or not you will be attending more concerts later on.