July 20, 2018 Juan 0Comment

I personally believe that we should not limit our likes and dislikes over societal standards because those are just baseless constructs. So, telling a plus sized person they cannot wear a crop top and so on is not something I encourage. You should be able to wear whatever you want based on your own likes and dislikes as long as you feel good and comfortable about what you are wearing. However, if you are someone who wants to wear something that might be considered more “flattering” for your body type, you should first figure out your body type by putting in your measurements in a body shape calculator by gigacalculator.com.

There are a few basic body shapes and type’s people are classified into like the hourglass shape, the triangle shape, the pear shaped body, the apple shaped body and so on. Each of these body shapes have areas that need to be accentuated and then areas that need to be hidden. For instance, people with a triangle shaped body have broad shoulders as compared to their lower body, so you do not want to be wearing clothes with shoulder pads or anything that adds more emphasis to your already broad shoulders, instead, you need to wear something that draws more attention to other parts of your body.

Similarly, you do not want someone with an hourglass shaped body to wearing loose shirts because they end up losing their waistline, instead, they need to wear something that emphasizes their thin waist in order to make it more flattering. Knowing your body type basically allows you to ask the right people and look up the right information online about what will and what will not work for you, this way the next you go shopping for clothes, you are better able to pick out clothes that will flatter you.