February 25, 2018 Juan

Digital art is not for everyone. It takes character and hard work.

But if you are so inclined, then in this article you will find gathered the greatest drawing tablets on the planet. They were chosen comparing price, hardware and functionality for a serious artist.

Huion 1060 Plus

I’d argue that the Huion h610pro review is the best drawing tablet for beginners under 100$. It features a 10 x 6.25 inches active area which is 20% larger than the competing Intuos Draw. It also has 2x more pen pressure at 2048.  On the downside the stylus needs recharging. The price, although slightly more, is insignificant considering the time you’ll save and the functionality the tablet brings which will last you quite long into your professional career.

If you are tech savvy I recommend you get the Huion 1060 Plus over the Intuos Draw. However if you don’t feel comfortable troubleshooting drivers and want something that just works then get the Draw.