July 11, 2018 Juan

You might not realize it right now but you do need a guide for the time that you go mattress shopping because it might seem like a straightforward process but it is not which is why we are here to help you with every point that might confuse you.

The mattressbattle is a great website to surf if you require more mattress related knowledge but let us now focus at the task at hand.

Know Your Specifics

This is the most important tip that we can give to you because if you do not know your specifics, you would never be able to purchase the right mattress for yourself. The specifics include your weight, sleeping position, height, comfort level and any ailments that the mattress might have an effect on. Once you know all of these points, you would be able to pick out the perfect mattress that would serve you well for a long time.

Test The Mattress

Mattress testing is important as it would tell you the real feel of it and would help you decide whether it suits you or not. We are talking about jumping on the mattress; you can simply test the mattress by pressing it with your hand and sitting down on it to get the sense of it.


It is important that you keep your budget in mind when you go mattress shopping because you might come across many amazing mattresses that seem to call out to you but you cannot give in to the temptation if your budget does not allow it. We would like to say that never buy a cheap mattress jus to save money because it will create body problems so bad that you would have to spend extra money on treatment of those ailments.

May 8, 2018 Juan

When you have finally realized that your back pain is the result of poor mattress quality you would then look for a mattress which will ensure comfort along with right posture and body shape while sleeping, if your quest has taken you from one brand to another and you have been searching for the right fit for a long time now, it must end with the latest mattress by purple.

Purple is a mattress manufacturer which is gaining great reputation in the industry and people are now beginning to realize that their product is exactly what they need, a combination of comfort, softness and firmness at the same time which is so hard to achieve but their new product provides that without a doubt and that is exactly the reason why the internet is full of some great reviews.

With different options available and people having different preferences over size, shape, firmness and softness it is difficult to pick a clear winner as it can differ from individual to individual, but purple has come up with a product which ticks most of the boxes and that makes it widely acceptable, their product relieves pressure while sleeping and that is not just a marketing punchline but scientifically proven through different studies, I have been sleeping comfortably ever since I have bought the mattress from purple and that has added to the long list of satisfied customers who have filled the internet with amazing reviews, if you want to learn more about the product and read reviews about it then you can do that at http://www.bondrewards.com/purple-mattress-review/ the website not only provides great reviews but an overall evaluation of the product itself which will help you build an understanding of the product and you won’t be worried about spending on this product anymore.