April 13, 2018 Juan

Let us find out how you can make a smart purchase of flat irons according to your budget and hair type.


The first thing that you should be looking into as soon as you get to the flat irons section is the material that is used in each flat iron. You can either get a ceramic flat iron or a titanium one, it depends on your choice and the results that you want.


The size of the flat iron matters because it will not only determine how you will handle the iron, it will also impact the outcome. The size of the plates of flat iron depends upon the length and texture of your hair; 1” to 1.5” is for all hair lengths and it is only fine and thing hair, 1” to 1.25” is short hair that has a normal texture, 1” to 1.5” is for medium length hair with a normal texture, 1.25” to 2” is for long hair that is of normal texture, 1.25” is for short hair that is coarse, thick or curly, 1.5” to 2” is made for hair of medium length that is coarse, thick or curly and 1.5” to 3” is for long hair that is coarse, thick or curly.


This is an important factor that you need to consider and many things come under this factor. We would recommend that you look for a flat iron that offers various temperature so that you can change the temperature setting according to the length and type of hair you have. It is best that you choose a flat iron that can instantly heat up so that you do not need to wait for it.