August 18, 2018 Juan 0Comment

If you ever talk to people about joining the medical sector, people are most likely to assume that you are referring to becoming a doctor or a surgeon. Nurses are often disregarded and not considered as crucial when it is actually quite the opposite case. There is a high demand for registered nurses (RN) throughout the country and it is a demand that will never continue to stop. Now, we have already discussed the different ways you can pursue a career in nursing, so we will now be discussing about what you can expect as you go along your path to becoming a nurse.

A lot of people do not know this, but there are a lot of studies and statistics that have found that just the addition of a single registered nurse in a hospital can end up saving 5 lives. Similarly, studies have found that a hospitals with high RN ratios have a lower hospital mortality rate. More RNs in chronic patient care have also found there to be an increase in patient satisfaction, as well as a reduced need for health services as well. So, it is clear that nurses do happen to play a significant role in running hospitals and clinics.

Now, when we talk about average nursing salaries, a nurse with a minimum one year of experience can annually earn around $59k with an average increment of another $3k for every 3-4 additional years of experience. Ultimately, a senior nurse with over 10 years of experience can end up earning almost $70k annually. So, it is a career that option that is not only challenging, but also pays well. So, if regardless of whether you are getting a bachelors or an associate degree in nursing, you can end up with a stable and well-paying job by the end of it.